Nootropics that include Rhodiola Rosea have the best chance at improving brain health. Take time to read the benefits of this powerful brain health supplement.

Let us be honest with ourselves our lives today are stressful. We live in a world that is always moving. Where there is always something to do, be it work, bills to pay, or the house to clean up. With all this juggling, it can be hard to just calm down, de-stress and take care of your well-being.

Suddenly, just simply taking the time to take care of yourself seems like another unattainable chore you are too stressed out, too busy, or too tired to carry out.

Nevertheless, ignoring your self-care can prove detrimental to your overall health. When you are not taking care of your needs, our chances of stress turning it a complete burnout are higher. Thus, it is highly advisable that you intentionally choose to take a few minutes off your day, no matter how short, to de-stress and relax. Nootropics can greatly help with this.

Nootropics are natural substances that provide a positive impact on brain health and cognitive function. Numerous nootropics can help you calm down and relax when the weight of your usual daily tasks is overwhelming you. Numerous studies show the numerous benefits nootropics bring to the table. Here are a couple of nootropics that will help you calm down enough to focus on your wellbeing.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea, also known as golden root, arctic root, or roseroot, is a herb whose roots have been used for its adaptogen properties and anti-fatigue properties for centuries.

Rhodiola adaptogen properties are what make it such a great tool in helping you reduce stress. An adaptogen helps you adapt to any mental, emotional, or physical stressors your body may face. Thus, whether you are feeling stressed and your body needs to calm down or you are feeling down and need some energy to pick you up, Rhodiola helps your body recalibrate itself, allowing you to feel less stressed.

Rhodiola has also been proven to help with both physical and mental fatigue. One 8-week human study actually showed that taking Rhodiola can actually help improve symptoms of fatigue, stress and enhance the quality of life, and focus.

Additionally, Rhodiola is quite effective at reducing symptoms of stress-related conditions.

Overall, Rhodiola is a powerful nootropic that can help make any stressful day easier. You can find Rhodiola root extract in our MindSense1 supplements, enabling you to have a calm, generally, stress-free day.


SAM-e is short for S-Adenosyl Methionine, a naturally occurring compound existing in all cells of the body that plays a vital role in several metabolic functions.

One of the biggest perks of SAM-e is its impact on mood-boosting properties. Currently, SAM-e is one of the most studied complementary mood supplements. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted on patients found that SAM-e effectively enhanced their mood dramatically. SAM-e also had fewer side effects.

SAM-e is also important for general brain function because it plays a key role in methylation. Methylation is a process used in different biochemical processes in the body, such as the production and breakdown of different neurotransmitters.

The nootropic also helps in the production of glutathione, which has been shown to protect the brain from oxidative damage.

Therefore, a SAM-e supplement can be a great tool in your arsenal to ensure great brain health and improved mood and cognition. Our MindSense1 supplement provides you with all the SAM-e you need to keep your brain happy and healthy through stressful conditions.


L-theanine is an amino acid that cannot be naturally produced by the body. Nonetheless, it is found in tea and certain fungi and is currently a very popular nootropic.

The main reason for this is the relaxing and calming effects that this nootropic has. L-Theanine has been shown to activate alpha brain waves. These waves are known to relax the mind, help reduce stress, increase focus and enhance creativity.

It also helps increase levels of neurotransmitters, which help boost alertness, regulate moods, support memory health, and elevate sleep.

Our MindSense1 supplement also contains L-Theanine. This supplement provides you with a nootropic stack that will make you feel capable of anything that comes your way. Your well-being is important to us, and this supplement contains everything you need to help you calm down and de-stress, no matter the day you have had.

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